5 reasons you should care about sample quality

Posted by Luke O'Brien on November 19, 2014

“In our brave new mobile culture, the idea that a 30+ minute PC-based survey is going to be viable even three years from now is an increasingly absurd belief.” Greg Heist, GreenBook

Research providers must be willing to meet respondents in the most convenient place if they want them to engage in their spare time -– increasingly, on their smartphones with shorter surveys optimised across all devices. Such trends are simply ubiquitous in today’s digital landscape, and market research is no different. 

But brand expectations of research are becoming more advanced than that, making the issue of ensuring sample quality and obtaining meaningful insights something that can no longer be ignored. Research approaches must evolve to attract the real people who care about the products and services we are trying to shape and market.

So if the traditional survey is on the decline, where does this leave us? What is the experience we need to be cultivating to gather true and meaningful insights?

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Market Research, Profile, Big data, Data Quality, Value Exchange

Another ice bucket challenge video and what it teaches us about the value exchange

Posted by Greenbook on September 22, 2014

In this excerpt from the GreenBook blog, we explore Mark Hughes' thoughts on the phenomenon of the ice bucket challenge and what it can teach us about incentives in market research.

By now, not only have you heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, chances are you’ve participated in the fundraiser, either as a watery victim or a trusted videographer. A viral fundraising sensation that’s dominated social media for the past few weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge had raised more than $42 million for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) as of August 21st.


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Topics: Thought Leadership, Market Research, Value Exchange

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