Running a successful digital marketing campaign

Posted by Pureprofile on September 8, 2016

So, what makes a successful digital marketing campaign? Well, there are a few hundred odd factors that can contribute to the success of a campaign. Focusing on the right elements can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together to drive positive results for your business.

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Topics: Marketing, Programmatic, Sparcmedia, Digital Marketing

Branding vs performance

Posted by Pureprofile on August 29, 2016


When it comes to marketing activity there is a common trend of separating campaigns into a “branding” bucket or a “performance” bucket.

Why do we segment our activity like this when no matter the specified campaign objective there is only one overall goal – Maximise ROI.

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Topics: Marketing, Sparcmedia, Branding

Programmatic and the Human Element

Posted by Pureprofile on February 26, 2016

Programmatic is the buzz word in digital advertising right now seeing a huge growth of 25% year on year - and rightly so! It has changed the way we buy media in the most positive way and maximised time efficiencies for everyone involved. Yet there is a common notion that we solely rely only on the technology to utilise the opportunities Programmatic brings - leaving out the incredible manpower that goes into making everything work.

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Topics: Marketing, Programmatic, Sparcmedia, Digital Advertising

Ad immunity: the thing no one's talking about

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 23, 2015

Ads. They’re everywhere today. From the billboards you drive past on the way to work to the sponsored posts in your Facebook feed. Is it any wonder, then, people are increasingly immune to them?

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Topics: Marketing, Big data, Programmatic

Beyond The Buzzwords: The marketing model of today

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 9, 2015

“How people buy things has changed profoundly — yet the fundamental thinking about consumer decision making and marketing has not.” Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen, Absolute Value


Today’s marketing model hasn’t changed all that much in recent years.

It looks different compared to, say, the 1970s, but it has largely been frankensteined as marketers try to bring together long established practices and technological advances.

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Topics: Marketing, Big data, Programmatic, Beyond the Buzzwords

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