Pureprofile on mapping the ever-changing consumer

Posted by Pureprofile on June 14, 2017

Originally published on StopPressNZ

With its invaluable reservoir of data, insights and opinion, Pureprofile is on a mission to help businesses stand out from the noise. We find out how Pureprofile is helping marketers and advertisers connect with empowered consumers by building a rich profile of its account holders over time.

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Topics: Market Research, Big data, Continual Profiling

Using consumer insights for superior business intelligence

Posted by Kelvin Kirk on May 4, 2017

With consumers disseminating vast amounts of data at incredible speed and volume, today’s researchers have a unique opportunity to help clients make decisions based on facts and research that go beyond customer opinion.

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Market Research, Big data, Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Continual Profiling

Pureprofile throws support behind open data for consumers

Posted by Pureprofile on December 5, 2016

Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL), a leading provider of data, insights, programmatic and lead generation solutions, has thrown its support behind consumers gaining control of their own data, as recommended in the Productivity Commission’s draft report released this month.

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Topics: Personal Data Management, Big data, Press Releases

Your Big Data is nothing without Little Data

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on February 17, 2016

Big data, meet little data. The two of you are going to need each other more in 2016 than ever before.

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Personal Data Management, Big data

Ad immunity: the thing no one's talking about

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 23, 2015

Ads. They’re everywhere today. From the billboards you drive past on the way to work to the sponsored posts in your Facebook feed. Is it any wonder, then, people are increasingly immune to them?

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Topics: Marketing, Big data, Programmatic

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