Will the Apple watch be a flop? 1,500 Australians have their say.

Posted by Pureprofile on March 10, 2015

When Apple announces a new product, consumers of the world listen. And while it’s only speculation, their live special event scheduled for March 9th is being welcomed with whispers of the Apple Watch. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple's objective with the watch is to "change the way you live your life."

We asked more than 1,500 Australians how they think the Apple Watch shapes up.


Are people excited about the Apple Watch?

It seems quite possible that the Apple Watch falls flat in the eyes of Australian consumers.

More than half of respondents said they have no interest in buying the Apple Watch when it is released. 1 in 4 have never heard of the Apple watch at all.

That means less than a quarter of consumers are interested in the Apple Watch release: 19% of respondents say they’re considering buying the Apple Watch, and a mere 4% say they plan to buy one for sure.

Will the features live up to the hype?

Of the people who plan to buy an Apple Watch or are considering it, interest is split almost exactly 50/50 between men and women. But there’s a wide variety of reasons that make this product compelling for them.

44% are keen to have quick and easy access to their favourite iPhone functions from their wrists, including iMessages, phone calls, Siri, app notifications and GPS functionality.

Wellness is a driving factor, with 36% of people specifically interested in the Apple Watch for its fitness features, playing into our growing obsession with wearable tech.

Once a Mac fan, always a Mac fan...

The brand loyalty of Apple product users is well-established, and it looks like the integrated design and functionality of Apple products may still be a strong selling point for those considering conversion.

Capitalising on the appeal of the brand as a whole, the functionality of the Apple Watch is largely enhanced when paired with an iPhone. 7 out of 10 people who are interested in buying an Apple Watch (and don’t own an iPhone) are considering switching to an iPhone in order to unlock the full benefits of the watch.

An impressive 18% of people interested in buying Apple Watch just want to be ahead of the pack by being the first to get their hands on the latest Apple product - hence the famous queues at Apple stores around the world when a new release is scheduled.

Smartwatch: the future of the timepiece?

Watches are still a very popular accessory today. Two thirds of respondents say they wear a watch sometimes or more often - 12% of people say they never take their watches off at all.

3 out of 4 of respondents don’t believe that conventional watches will make their way out of the market in light of the launch of the Apple Watch and other similar gadgets. 3 out of 5 consumers aged 45 and over say they always or regularly wear a watch - and half of them have never even heard of the Apple Watch.

If those who wear watches most haven’t yet been exposed to the Apple Watch let alone hooked by it, it’s probably safe to say the traditional timepiece is here to stay - at least for a while longer. 


Check out the infographic below for more insights. (Click to view full size).





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