What New Zealand Dads Wanted: Father’s Day meal, and don’t forget to acknowledge him

Posted by Emily Bing on September 4, 2017

Pureprofile conducted new research that revealed dads prefer personal acknowledgements to toiletries and clothes.

This Father’s Day dads across New Zealand  probably received a gift voucher or a hug.

The new data, taken from a nationally representative sample of more than 1,470 New Zealanders, revealed dads’ most loathed gifts (toiletries and clothing) and most loved gifts (a meal in or out). But overall, most fathers (58%) said they are always happy with their gifts, no matter what - with 14% saying their most disappointing experience is being forgotten and receiving no gift or acknowledgement on the day.


What does Dad want?

The gifts that Dad likes to receive are a meal - at home or in a restaurant (28%), or a homemade or handmade gift (21%). The most wanted options for purchased items are gift vouchers (19%) or gadgets (17%).

However, it turns out that most Dads are pretty easy to please. Four out of 10 Dads don’t want a gift at all (40%). They just want a hug or some other form of acknowledgement.

Older Dads show a particularly strong preference for no present. Over 50% of Dads aged 60 or older just want acknowledgement versus 29% of Dads aged 25-34.


And what he doesn't want!

About one in ten Dads are tired of getting clothing (10%) and toiletries (10%). Even worse however, is to forget about Father's Day altogether. Of the 511 fathers surveyed, 14% are tired of being forgotten and getting no gift or acknowledgement.

Nonetheless, Dad is mostly very tolerant and the majority (58%) indicated they always liked whatever gifts they received. Dads in the South Island are even more accepting of what they receive (68%) than Dads in the North Island (55%).


What are other people giving to Dad?

About one third (37%) indicated that they will give no gift to their father, although a good many (24%) indicated they will provide him with a hug or other acknowledgement.

The most popular gifts planned to be given are gift vouchers (17%), clothing (14%), food (14%) and gadgets (12%).

Women are more likely than men to give gift vouchers (19% of women vs 16% of men), food (18% of women vs 9% of men) and clothing (16% of women vs 12% of men).

Men are more likely than women to give gadgets (15% of men vs 8% of women).

Methodology: This survey was conducted on a national sample 1,407 New Zealanders in August, 2017 weighted to provide nationally representative results based on gender and age. Of the total sample, 511 were fathers, and 820 had a father who was living. 


Topics: Market Research, News

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