We asked 1,500 Australians: is wearable tech really the future?

Posted by Chloe Olewitz on April 23, 2015

We asked more than 1,500 Australians where they stand on wearable technology. While only one in five currently own a wearable technology device, the results they’ve achieved in their personal habits since purchasing wearable tech are undeniable.

Who’s wearing tech?

It’s no surprise that new technology products are popular among Australia’s younger consumers. Wearable tech in particular is most popular among 30-34 year olds -- more than one in three Australians aged 30 to 34 owns or has owned a wearable technology device.

But that doesn’t mean wearable technology only appeals to millennials. Pureprofile's research shows 71.8 per cent of wearable technology users in Australia are under 50 years old. As more and more wearable technology products become available, interest looks like it will stay stable across those demographics. Seventy-one per cent of adult Australians who intend to buy a wearable device in the next six to 12 months are also under the age of 50.

Wearable tech is more popular among men, demonstrated by the 23.9 per cent of men and 16.4 per cent of women who own wearable devices right now. But interest in buying wearable technology shows an increase among both men and women in Australia - 29 per cent of men and 22.9 per cent of women say they intend to buy a new wearable tech device in the next six to 12 months.

Tweet: 29% of men & 22.9% of women intend to buy a new wearable tech device in the next 6-12 months @Pureprofile #wearabletech http://ctt.ec/w9g49+ 
29% of men and 22.9% of women say they intend to buy a new wearable tech device in the next 6-12 months.


Wearables work

About four out of five Australians purchased these devices specifically for fitness reasons. Activity trackers and sports watches in particular are more popular than other wearable tech devices that have less emphasis on fitness behaviour.

By tracking activity over the course of the day, wearable technology users bring awareness to their own personal fitness and behaviour patterns. Many of them credit wearable technology for their fitness breakthroughs: an impressive 70.8 per cent of Australians who own wearable technology say their fitness has improved as a direct result of using these devices.


Tweet: 70.8% of Australians who own #wearabletechnology say the device has improved their #fitness @Pureprofile #wearabletech http://ctt.ec/K8F4u+ 70.8% of Australians who own wearable technology say the device has improved their fitness


Will wearables change our behaviour?

Clearly, Australians have witnessed first-hand the benefits of wearable technology on improving their fitness habits. We asked them if they thought tracking other areas of their lives would also change their behaviour for the better.

Two out of five Australians say they absolutely or somewhat believe that their behaviour would change if it were as easy to track things like spending, saving and personal development as it is to track fitness with wearable technology. Nearly one in four Australians don’t predict their behaviour would change at all - and our results also show that the older we get, the less we believe it’s possible to change our behaviour.

Tweet: The #future is wearable. #wearabletech @Pureprofile http://ctt.ec/eY1wd+
 The #future is wearable. 


The success of the wearable technology trend is based as much on real-life results as on the exploding market offerings. The Apple Watch will officially go on sale in Australia and around the world this Friday, and Android Wear is already boosting its offerings in order to compete for the growing demand for wearable tech.

More than one in four Australians say they intend to buy a wearable device in the next six to 12 months, and with the increasing number of products becoming available, they’ll have no shortage of options. Even the Apple Watch comes in a Sport edition, so it seems tech brands are already banking on the obvious fitness benefits of wearable technology when it comes to improving behaviour.


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