Beyond The Buzzwords: The marketing model of today

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 9, 2015

“How people buy things has changed profoundly — yet the fundamental thinking about consumer decision making and marketing has not.” Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen, Absolute Value


Today’s marketing model hasn’t changed all that much in recent years.

It looks different compared to, say, the 1970s, but it has largely been frankensteined as marketers try to bring together long established practices and technological advances.

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Topics: Marketing, Big data, Programmatic, Beyond the Buzzwords

Buzzwords Glossary

Posted by Pureprofile on March 9, 2015

The marketing, research and tech worlds are all full of their own unique jargon. Here we nut out the true meaning of the fancy and the downright fluffy, helping you wade through our evolving workplace language.


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Topics: Beyond the Buzzwords

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