The new-look Pureprofile: it’s all about the individual

Posted by Laura Simpson on May 25, 2015

This week we’re excited to launch Pureprofile’s fresh new look, designed around our mission to put individual consumers at the centre of everything we do.


So, what’s new?

We’ve rolled out a sleeker, simpler design for our consumer and business websites, complete with our new logo.

The logo combines the visual concept of the location pushpin with the two Ps of Pureprofile to represent where a person is at any given point in time, and how Pureprofile can play a role in shaping their experiences during these moments. It’s our goal to give everyone, everywhere the tools they need to make better decisions, whether they’re a consumer looking to select the right mobile phone provider when their contract runs out, or they’re a business seeking to connect directly to the people who are in the market for a new mobile phone deal.

Find out more about Pureprofile's new logo and design

Pureprofile for consumers

The new Pureprofile consumer website is designed to show members just how valuable building their own unique profile is, showcasing the campaigns, insights and earning opportunities they’ll receive by signing up to the site. And it goes without saying we want our members to have the same great experience whether they’re on their laptop at home or on their mobile on the go.

There are lots of cool new sections to explore in our fresh design, including a revamped blog, the About section, which lifts the lid on the mission behind Pureprofile, and the ‘choose your own story’-style interactive homepage, which offers people insights about their behaviour.

Pureprofile for businesses

Our new business site complements the consumer experience. It’s also had a clean redesign, and now has dedicated sections to help both researchers and marketers connect to the people who already want to hear from them. If you’re looking to find an engaged, deeply profiled audience, we can introduce you to them – no matter how niche the group you want to talk to.

It’s easy to keep up with all the newest Pureprofile insights and announcements on our redesigned blog, and we’ve created an In the Media section where you can get a taste of some of Pureprofile’s most newsworthy projects that have been picked up by the press.

What’s happening next?

The new design is all part of the plan to make the Pureprofile experience more rewarding than ever for members and clients. It showcases Pureprofile’s ability to make recommendations tailored to each individual, and to match them to content and campaigns that are truly relevant to their lives.

More exciting features will launch in the coming weeks and months, including new types of content, rewards and campaigns, plus new products to make businesses more efficient, informed and connected to the people who matter.


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