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Posted by Pureprofile on June 14, 2017

Originally published on StopPressNZ

With its invaluable reservoir of data, insights and opinion, Pureprofile is on a mission to help businesses stand out from the noise. We find out how Pureprofile is helping marketers and advertisers connect with empowered consumers by building a rich profile of its account holders over time.

In a crowded market of competing businesses with new competitors emerging daily, having an accurate profile of one’s customer is often what gives businesses the edge. But with consumer habits constantly shifting over time, gauging people’s preferences in an insightful way can be deceptively difficult.

“It’s so important for marketers and advertisers to understand who their customers are and what drives them if they want to get ahead, especially in a really saturated market,” says Emily Bing, account director of consumer data and insights company, Pureprofile.

“They need to understand which brands customers choose to engage with and why when they have such a range of choices.  It’s important to find out as much as possible about the customer: what they value, what they do, what they buy, how they think, how they behave, and how that changes over time.”

Bringing these types of multifaceted insights to life is what Pureprofile does best. While having just entered the New Zealand market last year, Pureprofile has been collecting real opinions from real people since 2000 through surveys that reward participants with cash or incentives for their time.

As a result, Pureprofile has been helping businesses make smarter and more informed decisions, something more New Zealand organisations should do. While companies have their own sets of data to work from, that information can often prove to be limited or incomplete.

“We've got so much information at our fingertips, and often we say to businesses, 'See what you've got first and then supplement that with what you don't know’,” she says.  

“That way it removes a lot of the guess work and creates a more insightful picture of their customers by using survey data. Fusing big data with our survey data really helps bring the customer to life and understand not just what they think, but why.”


While plenty of participants get involved for Pureprofile’s rewards and financial benefits, much of its New Zealand panel is built from AA Smartfuel’s 2.1 million cardholders, covering more than half the country’s population aged over 16.  

Bing says it currently has about 50,000 Kiwi users at the moment—many of whom opt to be rewarded with Smartfuel discounts—enabling Pureprofile to connect brands with consumers and build a rich profile of its account holders over time.

Bing also adds that she finds the quality of responses from Pureprofile’s panellists particularly high because respondents are highly engaged in surveys that are relevant to them. The surveys, which are generally short, simple and cover a diverse range of topics such as grocery shopping habits, advertising campaign awareness and attitudes towards services they use, makes participation for users not just financially rewarding, but emotionally and intellectually gratifying as well.  

“Our mission is to connect empowered consumers with relevant brands that they choose to connect with. We genuinely care about our account holders, so we put a high importance on the account holder experience by rewarding them fairly for their time,” says Bing.

“Our account holders are real people giving genuine answers. They're not survey junkies who have been on online panels for a long time.”

For businesses that do decide to get involved with Pureprofile’s offerings, Bing explains that the insights available can range from anything as simple as a couple of questions and answers to more in-depth longer surveys. Those insights would then have the capacity to feed into a product development or strategy, or even aid marketers to develop new concepts or creative ideas.

“Often businesses have a really good idea about what they want to know, but we can also advise them on what would work best for them,” explains Bing.

“If we work with a research agency, they often come to us with a survey or question that they want to know. Marketers sometimes need more advice on the types of questions they need to ask to get the right insights to feed into their plans and strategy.”

“Insights should be easy and accessible to everyone.  We enjoy working with brands to help uncover the level of insight that helps them make the right product and marketing decisions.”

Topics: Market Research, Big data, Continual Profiling

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