Programmatic and the Human Element

Posted by Pureprofile on February 26, 2016

Programmatic is the buzz word in digital advertising right now seeing a huge growth of 25% year on year - and rightly so! It has changed the way we buy media in the most positive way and maximised time efficiencies for everyone involved. Yet there is a common notion that we solely rely only on the technology to utilise the opportunities Programmatic brings - leaving out the incredible manpower that goes into making everything work.

A big misconception for clients who are new to programmatic is the idea of ‘set and forget’. That once you sign-off on a programmatic campaign, it is trafficked and left to run its course until the entire campaign budget is spent. For most trading desks, this could not be further from the truth. A programmatic campaign could not perform without the people involved who are constantly monitoring and optimising these campaigns on a daily basis.


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Topics: Marketing, Programmatic, Sparcmedia, Digital Advertising

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