Infographic: Australians expect economic fallout if Trump wins US election

Posted by Pureprofile on September 8, 2016

  • Over two-thirds of Australians support Hillary Clinton - only 15% for Trump.
  • One in five Australians expect Trump to secure US presidency.
  • Australian men are twice as likely to support Trump than women.
  • Top US policy areas are gun control, immigration and the economy.
  • Younger Australians most interested in US policy decision-making.

The majority of Australians anticipate a negative or very negative impact on the local economy if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election according to the latest research conducted by leading online research provider, Pureprofile.

Pureprofile conducted the study into Australian’s attitudes towards the upcoming US election, leveraging a panel of over 1000* voting aged Australians around the country.

Australian residents see a clear danger for the country’s economy in case the Republican candidate wins. 6 in 10 Australians expect a negative impact on the Australian economy if Trump becomes president, with 39% expecting this to be very negative.

The research also reveals that 68% of Australians would give their vote to Hillary Clinton if they were U.S citizens, with only 15% stating they would support Trump. In addition, the majority of Australian’s are anticipating a Clinton victory (58%) over Trump (15%).

Pureprofile MD Data & Insights, Luke O’Brien said, “Australian’s are telling us that Clinton is both the preferred candidate and the most likely to secure the presidency in their view.”

“The economy is a key area of US policy interest amongst the panel, and highlights that the outcome of the US election is expected to impact the Australian economy. Overwhelmingly, Australians fear a Trump victory over Clinton would be far more negative for local markets,” O’Brien added.

When looking at the differences between male and female voters, the research shows that Australian men (21%) are more likely to support Donald Trump than Women (10%). Conversely, three in four women would vote for Clinton. Men are also more likely to expect a Trump victory (19%) than women (9%).

Interestingly, younger Australians voiced greater scepticism about a Clinton victory with 52% of 18 – 34 year olds expecting a Democratic win, growing to 77% among those 55 years and older.

Pureprofile also asked Australians to rate their interest in key policy areas driving the US presidential race. The top priority for Australians is gun control, with 59% citing their interest. This was followed by immigration (37%) and the economy (36%).

Young Australians between 18 and 24 years show the highest interest in US related policies, citing an average of 3.7 of the 10 topics as being of interest. Education (43%) and environment (34%) are priorities for this age group. Interest falls among 25 to 54 year olds (2.8 topics of interest) but rises again among Australians over 55 years (3.4 areas of interest).



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