Honeyboomers are enjoying kid-free holidays

Posted by Pureprofile on September 27, 2017

While more and more parents are jet setting without their kids, their length of time away from home remains short.

Our research, based on a nationally representative sample of 2,294 adults, tapped into the trend for couples in their 40s and 50s to plan trips without their kids.

Of the 55 percent of respondents with children, the majority (39 percent) were only prepared to spend a few days away from their beloved children while holidaying, and 17 percent are not prepared to travel without the kids. One week was a good compromise – favoured by 20 percent of parents, followed by 16 percent for 1-2 weeks, and 2 percent for both the 2-3 and 3-4 week timeframes. Only 4 percent of parents were willing to stay away for more than one month.

The Pureprofile study highlighted parents’ need to recharge their batteries. For parents of children under 18, who accounted for 71 percent of the sample, having more rest and relaxation was the main motivator, topping the list at 55 percent. “Me time” and wanting to boost their love life/rekindle their romance ranked equal second at 43 percent. Parents also haven’t lost their spirit of adventure – with 22 percent saying they wanted to use the kid-free time for more adventure travel.



Underlying the travel trend, the figures pointed to smaller families with 43 percent of parents having two children, 29 percent one child, 17 percent having three children, six percent having four children, and only 4 percent having five or more children.

For the respondents with children, the main age group was five years or less (56 percent), followed by 6 to 12  (34 percent), 13 to 18 (24 percent), and above 18 (37 percent). The numbers sum to greater than 100 percent because a parent can have multiple children, each at different age levels.

With 94 percent of kids still living at home, parents planning a trip alone when the kids leave (9 percent) may have a long wait. They’re outnumbered by parents: planning a child-free holiday in the near future (26 percent); who have already taken a holiday without their kids (24 per cent); and who do so regularly (6 percent). Just over a third (35 percent) of respondents said they hadn’t taken a holiday without their children and didn’t plan to.

While parents kick up their heels for a second honeymoon, family members are the ones left at home child-minding. The majority of parents (60 percent) said that the grandparents took on the care of the child/children while they were away, with 28 percent revealing other family members took up the responsibility. They also called in favours from friends (10 percent) and 2 percent hired carers such as nannies.

This data was first published by HuffPost Australia in the article More and More Aussie Parents Enjoy Holidays Without Their Kids.


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