Generate more conversions with this programmatic buying metric

Posted by Pureprofile on January 29, 2016

Being a Performance Manager means you’re most likely working towards a CPA or CPC goal. We’ve found that by introducing the CPMa metric to the plan you can open up possibilities with new publishers and potentially scale up your conversions.

So, what is a CPMa?

CPMa is a campaign that’s bought on a CPM metric but is optimised towards an acquisition goal. For those that don’t know, CPM stands for “cost per mille” and essentially means, “cost per thousand.” The “a” part stands for “acquisition”.


Let’s say your CPA goal is $50. What the publisher will do is sell you the campaign on a CPM of, say, $6, but will optimise the results so that by the end of the campaign lifetime, you have achieved your acquisition goal of $50.

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Topics: Programmatic, Sparcmedia, Digital Advertising

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