Pureprofile begins fundraising efforts in memory of chairman and mentor Fred Swaab

Posted by Marie-Pier Rochon on March 16, 2016

fredswab-rgb-1.jpgFew start-ups are lucky enough to be mentored by someone who truly embodies innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Which is why when Pureprofile CEO Paul Chan and our late Chairman, Fred Swaab, had a meeting of minds almost two decades ago, it was a collaboration that shaped our whole business.

Paul first pitched the idea for Pureprofile to Fred more than 18 years ago. In Paul’s words: “It was a big vision, the dot com crash has just started and others thought there was near-impossible odds to get things off the ground." Except for Fred.

It was in the Swaab attorneys lunchroom that Pureprofile came to be, and it didn’t take long before Fred committed to become the founding seed investor and Chairman of Pureprofile.

Fred believed in Pureprofile from the very beginning and understood Paul’s vision like no one else did at the time. Paul says he “learned the real meaning of belief, bravery and vision by working alongside a person who lived with so much integrity, passion and determination.”

To say Fred Swaab has had an immense impact on Pureprofile would be an understatement.

Fred passed away from leukemia recently after a long and hard fight that he faced with courage and determination. To pay tribute to Fred, we have decided, as a company, to support the Leukemia Foundation of Australia by hosting fundraising activities throughout the year and beyond.

Our first event was a morning tea in memory of Fred. We encouraged employees to bake and make a donation to the Leukemia Foundation. There were treats of every kind and it was a great moment to get together and reflect on how far Pureprofile has come and the lasting impact Fred made on our past, present and future.



If you’d also like to support the Leukemia Foundation of Australia, you can make a difference by sending a donation or hosting an event of your own.


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