Kim Anderson

Marketing Director within Pureprofile, Kim plays an integral part in the management team driving the core vision - ensuring consumers can be empowered to extract value from one of their most valuable possessions, their personal profile. Driven to challenge the ordinary, her passion for ideas as the catalyst for change has seen Kim be involved in numerous wacky and wonderful projects as part of the TEDxSydney organising team in her spare time. She has equal love of travel, locally sourced food, drinking tea and frequent doses of adventure. Proudly, Kim has never, ever tasted a McDonald's hamburger. Really.
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How to stop feeling overwhelmed by big data and win with small data

Posted by Kim Anderson on September 17, 2014

Big data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead of crunching numbers and staring at multiple data sources until we can’t see straight, try a simpler strategy: ask your customers. Sixty-five percent of senior execs say their management decisions are based on hard analytics.

But while data can tell us tons about our existing business, no one can help you identify market opportunities more than your customers themselves.

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Marketing, Big data

Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) and valuing your personal data

Posted by Kim Anderson on June 10, 2014

Data anxiety is normal. When Google posts a quarterly profit of $15.4 billion, we shake our heads in disbelief. Just how much money are they are making out of selling big data to advertisers? And not just big data, but data about us - obtained in exchange for the 'search' service most of us use daily. Personal data is a hugely successful and growing asset - one that many brands are profiting handsomely from.

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Topics: Consumer Power Tips, Thought Leadership, Marketing, Personal Data Management

Question everything you know about relationship marketing

Posted by Kim Anderson on May 13, 2014

The marketing landscape is changing.

Building individual relationships with your customers is the way forward -- to deliver true engagement, and understanding of their needs.

Where once brands would broadcast their message to the masses and hope for the best, smarter organisations have started building in CRM systems that can capture each customer’s preferences to customise their experience.

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Topics: Thought Leadership

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