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Can Netflix catch up with Foxtel? We asked 1,300 Australians

Posted by Chloe Olewitz on June 3, 2015

As cord-cutting becomes a trend around the world, experts project that streaming video services are poised to dominate the market. Services like Netflix are picking up steam in Australia, but can they catch up with the tried and true providers like Foxtel and free-to-air broadcast television?

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We asked 1,500 Australians: is wearable tech really the future?

Posted by Chloe Olewitz on April 23, 2015

We asked more than 1,500 Australians where they stand on wearable technology. While only one in five currently own a wearable technology device, the results they’ve achieved in their personal habits since purchasing wearable tech are undeniable.

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Infographic: Why over 9,000 people say you shouldn't ignore those consumer reviews

Posted by Chloe Olewitz on March 2, 2015

We’ve all read a review at some point in our lives, and most of us have even left feedback as customers. But do consumer reviews really make a difference to our purchase decisions? 

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Infographic: 5 surprising things couples need to agree on

Posted by Chloe Olewitz on February 13, 2015

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Pureprofile asked almost 5,000 Australians how they matched up with their partners across 21 characteristics. We’ve all heard the old adage that opposites attract, but does difference really drive desire?

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