Brooke Hemphill

Brooke Hemphill is a Sydney-based writer, producer and author. She has previously edited industry magazines Encore and B&T as well as having been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Women's Health Magazine and The Hoopla. Brooke has an extensive knowledge of the Australian media, marketing and advertising industries.
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Your Big Data is nothing without Little Data

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on February 17, 2016

Big data, meet little data. The two of you are going to need each other more in 2016 than ever before.

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Topics: Thought Leadership, Personal Data Management, Big data

Ad immunity: the thing no one's talking about

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 23, 2015

Ads. They’re everywhere today. From the billboards you drive past on the way to work to the sponsored posts in your Facebook feed. Is it any wonder, then, people are increasingly immune to them?

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Topics: Marketing, Big data, Programmatic

Why an inevitable data backlash is coming and what we can do about it

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 12, 2015

That publishers of websites, apps and technology platforms have been collecting data from us is not news to anyone. Today’s tech savvy consumer knows about cookies, retargeting and how those Facebook ads pop up in their newsfeed. But what they don’t necessarily know is the extent to which their data is being collected and used.

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Topics: Market Research, Big data

Beyond The Buzzwords: The marketing model of today

Posted by Brooke Hemphill on March 9, 2015

“How people buy things has changed profoundly — yet the fundamental thinking about consumer decision making and marketing has not.” Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen, Absolute Value


Today’s marketing model hasn’t changed all that much in recent years.

It looks different compared to, say, the 1970s, but it has largely been frankensteined as marketers try to bring together long established practices and technological advances.

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Topics: Marketing, Big data, Programmatic, Beyond the Buzzwords

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